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The State of SoW

Hello State of Wonder fans and followers! Today we’ve got a lot of things to go through and there is no easy way to start this off.

First off all, the biggest thing is that Max will be leaving the State of Wonder team. This leaves me alone at the reign again for the time being as we keep going through 2019. The reasons behind Max leaving the State of Wonder team is not because of any ill-will or because of any struggles between the two of us. But because of changed circumstances in Maxs’ life, he cannot continue to schedule the time required to work with State of Wonder right now. I wish him the best of luck with everything and would without question work with him again if circumstances change.

Changes coming to SoW

Because of this we will have to perform some changes to what we have already announced in earlier development logs. Both our release schedule and what events we hope to attend will change.

Currently, it is looking like the development time will likely double, with 4 months instead of 2 months between expansions. Since I will have to perform all the non art related tasks myself while relying on our amazing artists to help out with art tasks more moving forward.

As the number of planned events are a bit harder to decide on with only 1 person left on the team, we will have to re-think some of the events (LinCon and Nordsken is at the same time, we had planned to split this between team members, but now we have to prioritize one of them as an example). It means a bit less events but hopefully a lot stronger presence at those events as we can put everything we got into an awesome booth, with great games!

The most immediate problem is the launch of the new expansion card packs, Agents of War and Remnants of the End. This split as a decision was made on the 4th of february but the problems have been lurking behind us, with attention being split or not put into the correct parts of development/marketing for this expansion, I unfortunately have to announce we will have to delay the expansion until the 1st of March.

Everything on the physical devlopment end is basically ready, we got the product already in development. But the problems are more on how to get a hold of these sweet new cards will be hard. First off, the current website is subpar in ordering from and we would really need to update it, so it takes card payments, as well as PayPal and Swish (Swedish people will know). Marketing has also been lacking and one of the things that we would’ve needed to be doing in november and december a lot more but just hasn’t been possible to do. I would like to use these 3 more weeks to get more people in and hyped about the expansion. Feel free to help out and share the development logs, story of the state articles as well as just join in on conversations in our communities or on twitter/IG.

The More Positive Notes

On that note, I would love to know more on what would drive you to start hosting events where you live, either tournaments or just game nights. I’m open for pretty much anything here, with Ambassador programs being one of the big one I think could really enhance the experience for those that are really motivated and hosting events. Giving them some unique bonuses (Like FA Heroes? Or a Ambassador Playmat?).

Finally, I want to reveal a new spoiler for the day. The New Frifolk State Card!

This State is immensely powerful, letting you attack over fortifications while also giving you more units to fight with! You might also notice that the cost of aging the Bronzeheart raiders is changed to 7! I’m planning a video devlog explaining some of the design thoughts behind this as well as go through any other changes that might be happening in State of Wonder moving forward.

Want to know more about SoW?

If you want to get more State of Wonder news or interact with the team behind State of Wonder, you can follow us on the Following Channels! Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

You can also join our communities, we talk SoW Rules, decks and events and just general gaming stuff! FB Group Discord


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