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Emelie is a game designer at heart, but has a broad set of skills within both production, marketing and art direction. With 3 years of experience from the board game industry, a bachelors & upcoming masters degree in game design and liberal arts as well as hobby work for as long as she can remember, she knows design.

As a long time veteran of strategy games and 12 years of M:tG play she is a card game afficiando and knows about most known and unknown card games out there and is always eager to find more card games to play, analyze and tear apart to learn their secrets.

Currently, Emelie works on all the BetterBuilt Studio projects, State of Wonder, Class Warfare and Mors Atra. But she is also at the same time finishing her Masters Degree in Game Design Research.

Emelie Rodin


At BetterBuilt, I do offer several lectures and talks in the Game Design field, these are mostly intended for University Students, but each of the lectures can be restructured to work at High School level as well. The most prominent categories of lectures are on The Indie Journey (Indie from Zero) and Lifestyle Games - such as Card Game Design, Social Rules of Games and more.

If you want me to come and perform any of these talks at your school or university or want a tailor made talk on any of the above topics, send me a message! 



A 30 Minute Post Mortem and debrief of State of Wonder. The Talk goes into the intricacies of starting up, the basics of being the underdog developer and getting a foothold in the indie market.

Indie From Zero


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