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State of Wonder – A GDC Update!

So, I have landed in San Fransisco and I’ve been here for a couple of days now and I gotta say, I’m super happy to be here! It’s been an awesome environment this far with a lot of meetings with both old and new friends as well as working on connections with new people.

Me and Evelina Foxberg (Starstable) at Brewcade.

So, thursday, friday, and saturday was mostly travelling and preparations, not really much to say except we met-up with the game camps crew and stood in a lot of lines and flew for 14 hours or so. I worked on my pitches for a bit while travelling as well as just doing some light design work for State of Wonder. (I’m designing how the new deck bases should work, gameplay wise, and more defined than “production zone stuff”)

Monday, we had a studio visit at Kongregate, damn, it was a pretty cool office, maybe a bit to open for my taste, but it was cool to see the “inner” workings of such a renowned studio. Might look into more info on Kartridge and see how launching there works! We got some sweet talks as well on UA and Analysis work, which was nice and well done.

View from the Kongregate office

Monday night was also the night where we went to brewcade, to meet-up with people from the swedish game industry and network and interact with others. I met Alex? (I don’t know if this is your name sir, you had no business cards atleast) but we grabbed a Selfie, talked about Kavalri Games, State of Wonder and a bunch more stuff!

We also played KillerQueen a bunch, a pretty nice, but most importantly, 10 player arcade game!

Today I’ve been walking around a bunch, checking out the indie game megabooth. Some really cool games, like LookingforHeals and WinterMoor Tactics Club. I also walked around the Moscone Center area, taking some pictures.

Currently preparing for the Investor meetings tonight. I’m hyped for that at least

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