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Launch Party, Tournament and Development

So much has happened since our last devlog, with a lot of small things leading to one big thing, The State of Wonder Launch – Expansion 1 Party! So let us start from that end, with the big thing first!

On the 1st of March, we laucnhed the new expansion, and to celebrate I hosted a local launch party! We started out preparing for the party at 10 AM and ended up leaving at 10:30 PM!

At 4 PM was the launch time for the event, players and local figure heads started rolling into the event, (Local Game Devs, professors from Uppsala University – Insititution of Game design and more) and in just an hour we had over 16 players in and playing the game!

We ended the evening with a tournament, which we had 8 players opt into playing, allowing them to try out the new cards from the new expansion! For the entirety of the night we think about 40 people showed up at the party. Which was a great turn-out in our small town of Visby with 30,000 people in it! It went so well, we sold out of the expansion stock we had available and is eagerly awaiting new stock from the manufacturer (We had a very small amount of boxes due to manufacturing problems, want to know more, contact me on the FB, mail or Discord and I’ll provide more information on the why)

We did record 3 matches from the tournament, with some amazing gameplay. We hope to get these uploaded in the weeks to come, but our sound was terrible, so we have to record a commentator and add some music etc, so expect it in April?

Preparing for GDC

As some of you know, I’ll be attending GDC this year, and for those that don’t, I’ll be going to GDC this year, With only 10 days left till my flight leave, I’m finishing up all the preperations, and fixing the final details of everything. We got some really fancy business cards prepared! With 3 different Token fronts and a unique contact me back, these are both a joy for the people I meet there, and will be used as hand me outs at events for players that want a unique token for their State of Wonder Games!

I wanted to do a copmetition with these, something along the lines of “collect all 3 and get a free State of Wonder deck” but I’m worried I’ll run out of product to sell if I do that at GDC. If that was the case though, we would be giving out a seperate one on each booth day at GDC or other events!

On other preperation for GDC, I’m still trying to scrounge together a schedule that works for the event, but I’m not super worried and hope to get everything together tonight and get the last prints I need done tonight!

The bad news on GDC is that since I’m alone, I won’t be able to fulfill orders on the website (sending them out to you) over the time that I’m in San Fransisco and I haven’t been able to find someone that can help me fulfill the orders that might fall in during that time. This means that from the 14th of may until the 26th there will be no orders shipped out from us! So put your orders in for your base set before that! 😉

On to Game Development

Game development has been going forward and we know that players have been requesting game mats for a while. We will be finishing the “Player Aide” game mat, which shows off the zones, the phases and in which order everything in State of Wonder happen, such as a quick description of the turn order and what happens in each phase. We hope to use this is a starting layout, with half of this area being one map!

For the July set, I’m approaching a design for the Ritualists which I really like, and I got some ideas for how both the Frifolk and the Crux Militem will work. I can’t say alot right now, except I hope to get it into testing post GDC and finish the first draft designs while I’m in San Francisco (or on the flight to and from).

With that, I must be off, got a lot of State of Wonder work to do and a bunch of new designs to work with! See you all on the Battlefield!

Check out the latest cards here!

All cards from the latest expansion is available to browse right here!

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