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As we move towards launch!

Two long weeks

Since my last devlog, two weeks have passed and there has been so much going on behind the scenes both with working on the game, but also with administrative things like making sure the paperwork for taxes is all fixed and handled. (That should be done tomorrow or the day after that. Looking forward to having it all completed)

Game Design wise, we have started designing the new set after Remnants of the End/Agents of War. Which will be a deck base expansion. This will prdive 3 new decks bases for the game. we are currently hopeing for a late June/early July release but nothing is certain yet. The focus of that set will be on the production zone and give players more options to interact with that zone. I’m very hyped for this as I personally love cards like Blood Trench and The Mirror Oracle.

What makes these cards stand-out is how they create uncertain elements, with you having to be vary of both bluffs and how a player can play around these effects.

Ambassador Program

Currently I’m working on getting alot more ambassadors for the game and finding new game stores to carry it so that we can get more State of Wonder games played. Finding these ambassadors is hard, but is proving not to be impossible, we have 2 events coming up arranged primarily by ambassadors, one in Uppsala at the game store Prisfyndet, they are hosting a learn to play event on the 23:rd. If you are in Uppsala then, you should drop by!

We are also hosting a release party in Visby on the 1st of March, were we will be playing with the new expansion cards, have a small tournament and a lot more, If you are in Visby it would be super if you wanted to drop by.

Ambassadors are the people that can get make these events happen and we would love to see more of them. So if you want to become an ambassador for the game, get in touch and I’ll try to help you out however I can, getting the game to a specific store or sending you some test product might all be possible.

Our plan is to reward our ambassadors in the long run, but we are currently unsure about how to do that. So same as above, get in touch and tell me and that would be awesome!

Dread Sheriff

Marketing & Events

Moving on from ambassadors, I’ve been busy working on marketing as well, I’ve been trying to reach out to some game stores for the release and get more people involved in the current state of the game, the events are one such thing we want to start doing, but there will be coming changes to both the Discord and the website, to make these better suited for what we need them to be (a Community platform and a informaction channel, respectively)

I’ve also been planning new larger events, such as cons and hope to see a lot of you at GothCon when we go there and many of the other events that we will be attending, unfortunately I won’t be able to make NärCon as there has been a bit much working on the game over the last couple of weeks.

Game Developers Conference is also on the horizon. With less then one month until the event.I’m heading over the pond to attend it and that week will be filled with con pictures over on the social media. I expect to be very busy during that week.

Before Launch

So what is left to do now before the launch in 9 days?

The Big things are: Getting the Website fixed. Get card payments working before launch (And hopefully Swish). Add all the new items to the store. Get all the new items up on TheGameCrafter for our USA players. Easier for them to order from there. Keep up the marketing, the giveaway has been working well to grow numbers, but hopefully we also get interactions from it. Write the Newsletter for February, which will be sent out on the 28th. Reveal the rest of the cards from the set.

Speaking of which, the art you see above is for the new card we are revealing today! The Vestal of Ashes, this is one of the wordiest cards we have made and there have been many challenges in making Jack Kaisers art justice with the design. So without further ado, Card Reveal!

The Vestal of Ashes is a great and powerful tool in a token deck, especially as a late game finisher for the Ritualists. Either you can hide it behind your walls and use execution to grow it or send it into war with your tokens.

With that I wish you all good luck in the battles to come and I hope to see you all on the battlefield!

We have a giveaway going!

We are currently giving away a copy of the Second Edition for The Game of Thrones: The Card game! Easy to enter and free to do!

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