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Better Built Studio

Based in Visby, Sweden

Founding date:

October, 2017


Press / Business Contact:



State of Wonder

State of Wonder - Agents of War

State of Wonder - Remnants of the End

Currently in Production:

Mors Atra

Project: Class Warfare
State of Wonder - 2:nd Edition

BetterBuilt Studio is a card game studio in the city of Visby, Sweden. Our focus is to bring condensed, highly competetive card games to the market, to fill more obscure niches. 

BetterBuilt Studio is currently developing expansions for the published game State of Wonder, a pocket 4x strategy card game, as well as Class Warfare, a worker placement, social manipulation, card game.

BetterBuilt Studio will also be publishing the Tabletop Roleplaying Game Mors Atra when the game has been finalized.


In 2016, Emelie Rodin began work on the prototype that would evolve into State of Wonder. The game itself started out as a student project during Emelie's studies at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland.


As the game was further developed, a kickstarter was made and successfully funded in february of 2018, with the game releasing on July, 27th of that same year. 

The game was met with much acclaim from reviewers for both it's innovative combat system and the new production system that was present in the game.

In October of 2018, BetterBuilt Studio won the Visby GameCamps, a competition focused on business and game development. The prize  was €10.000 which was later used to fuel development of the first State of Wonder Expansion packs, The Remnants of the End and Agents of War. 

These expansions launched on the 1st of may 2019 and since then the company has been working on three seperate projects, another, bigger State of Wonder expansion, Class Warfare, a new card game, built on traditional worker placement mechanics and social manipulation. As well as broadening the horizons of the company by publishing the Tabletop Roleplaying Game Mors Atra.

Release dates for these games are to be announced.




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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Emelie Rodin

Lead Designer, Art Director, Founder


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