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Release Today!

State of Wonder is available for purchase now! State of Wonder is a deterministic strategy card game of war, strategy, deceit and prediction! Train your army, fortify your city and build a marvelous wonder. Will you be the one to take the throne of Scathia!

Today we are happy to announce the release of State of Wonder! Join the war effort and pick your faction! The cunning Frifolk, the brutal Ritualists, and the proud Crux Militem are awaiting your command with their own unique faction decks! Utilize their unique strengths in war, economy, and deceit to prove your might and take the Throne of Scathia!

Get the game from our webstore

Buy the game directly from TheGameCrafter!

Launch Today! Get in on the action now!

You can now find the 3 starter deck and the token pack available at these sources. This was made possible through our Kickstarter this February and we hope for many good things to come as we expand the game moving up with more releases on the horizon!

The Art of Combat card pack being the first expansion releasing, planned to release at the end of August we hope you stay tuned for this addition to the State of Wonder deck building, adding 6 new unique cards in sets of 3. Allowing you to customize each of your decks even further!

I hope to see you on the battlefield in the future and if you decide to join us, I recommend you join one of our communities! Check out the Facebook group here and the discord server.


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