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Development Log #9: A silent battlefield.

Hey all! Today, I will talk about what is going on at BetterBuilt right now as we’ve been silent for the last month. There is a lot of stuff happening behind the scene. We are refocusing our efforts to make sure the game is progressing smoothly with my very busy schedule and with Max’s schedule. This has been a ride but we are hitting a point where it will start working smoothly again.

To start things off, we are still working on “The Art of Combat” card pack (check out our other card reveal here!)  but we’ve found some worrying issues with one of the cards balance wise. Which created an unfun playing environment for the players that enjoy building their own decks. It has taken us a while to solve with dilligent testing and reworking the mechanics.

The Heart Raider from “The Art of Combat” Card Pack

At the same time, we have been planning for the next event! Wiscon 2018! A local gaming con right next to us in visby that will go live on the 21th of october. We hope to be able to sell a pre-order version of the card pack (Maybe even a full release version?) there. But due to the issues with balancing we are uncertain if the packs will get to us in time for that!

I’ve also been working on business management behind the scenes, such as applying for some swedish business grants. I’ve also been researching routes to grow our business and looking at our social media. Reassessing where and how to use them. I want to reach out in the best way possible. To gather as many of our loyal and dedicated fans in one well established and engaged community platform (such as Facebook or Discord) as possible. We are not doing that right now, this has required me to rethink what we are doing and how we are gathering people.

Me and Max has together started working on analyzing the results of our Organized Play Survey as well. Gathering the data was quick, but analysing the data has been more time consuming than we thought. We hope to present the results of this in 2 weeks. This is not a hard deadline as we rather have a good analysis than a quick and messy one.

We are also preparing for some future goodness (expansions for SoW, The Digital SoW platform and unknown things.) With that. I hope you are all doing fantastic, playing games and I hope to see you on the battlefield of Scathia!


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