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Plans for the Future – Conventions

As spring draws closer, so does the convention season!

I’ve written in the past that this year you can look forward to seeing us at gaming conventions all over Sweden, but now I’m here to bring you the specifics! Until now, there has been no way to check if we’re going to be at the specific event that you’re planning to attend, but that changes today!

Here’s how our schedule looks so far!

And that’s only the ones planned So far! We’re constantly on the lookout for more conventions to attend, and if you think you know some event that would be cool if we attended, hit us up in the discord or toss me a mail at! Speaking of the discord, this list can be found there as well, and will be kept continually up to date!

It wouldn’t be a devlog if we didn’t show you a card from the upcoming set! Without further ado, here’s the Dread Sheriff!

This is an interesting one as it gives you an incredible amount of flexibility in how to maneuver the combat phase, either by allowing you to pop a shield off of an enemy unit, deal the final strike to the fortification, following up with immediately killing the enemy unit hiding behind, or simply taking the upper hand in the fight by killing off two units before the enemy can act.

That’s it for this Devlog! See you in two weeks!


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