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News: Battle Report from Wiscon!

The Battle Report for Wiscon (Swedish page), or as usual people would call it, a brief run down of what happened at this marvelous con! Let’s take it day by day, from friday to sunday, covering what happened.


So Friday was interesting. I spent the day setting up the booth and getting all ready to demo the game for excited Con Goers. But as the friday started I realized that as the con is a rather small con, not many people would be there during friday. I still had some attendees come up and play the game. From what I remember responses was great and players had a great time. attendence overall at the event was low during the later parts of the friday evening. So I got out of my booth and grabbed a couple of cups of coffee, talked with the other developers there as well as hang around in the card game room, talking with the card gamers at the con.


Saturday was hectic, with an early start at 10 AM. After the coffee break at 12 I had back to back Demos until 5 PM when I left to get much needed sleep. Many great games where had. Both tables that I had was busy most of the day. There was a couple of people that sat down, built decks and played after a demo game! Which was really encouraging and gave me a lot of motivation and energy to continue. At around 4 I got a terrible headache. This led to my two last demos during the saturday to be really, really shaky. I almost couldn’t pull of the last one due to headache. Next Con I will be sure to bring painkillers.


Sunday was the most interesting day as I actually didn’t plan to have active demos during the day. But people still played each other at the table when I passed by the booth. I hadn’t even realized I had actually forgotten to pack up the copy. But there was some activity and this was the day when I got the most critical feedback. (which is great, I love critical feedback) I wasn’t expecting feedback but having people try out the game when I wasn’t there was great!

Finally out of topic, I finally got the prototype that I was supposed to have at Wiscon to show off actual cards instead of just the print and play version. And it looks fantastic. Take a Look! More Content of the product Prototype will arrive over on our Facebook page and on my twitter. Opening Videos, Specific card shots and more. I also hope to start doing gameplay videos! This wraps up the Battle Report! We hope you enjoyed it!


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