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News #2: We are Going to Wiscon!


We are going to be attending Wiscon! Wiscon is a gaming convetion in visby, sweden during the 20th to 22nd of october! So what can you expect to get out of that? If you go to the con, you will be able to talk with me as well as try out the game and maybe get some promo material! But more so, are the anything else than is new in State of Wonder?

Firstly the Print and Play has been updated. The State Cards have had some changes made to them. As well as an actual prototype has been made, ordered and will be available at Wiscon!

Print and Play

The Print and Play update has primarily been an update to the readability of cards. With better fonts and adding symbols for costs on abilities. This is a Quality of Life improvement that will make the Print and Play easier to use and play around with! There has been another change to the state cards. That change includes rules changes so we will go over that in the following section. Artist tags have been added as well!

Some cards have had their stats adjusted for balancing and the current balance of the print and play is in a place that I’m really satisified with. Check it out over at Game Resources


The State cards have had the biggest change. This change was due to player feedback. Players felt the card was to crowded with four ages so how did it become solved? 4 Ages become 2 ages. This allows for bigger and more text for each of the ages and it is easier to build the abilities. But the player investment into each of the seperate ages is bigger as they now cost nine for a biger bonus.

Check out the Iron legion and the Cult of Voices


So I’ve gotten a prototype made, manufactured and it is currently being shipped from the United States over to sweden. It should arrive long before Wiscon and will hopefully get into the hands of you, so you can feel how the game plays with real cards! So take the chance and drop on by and take a game of State of Wonder!

That is all for today. I wish you luck out there on the battlefields of Scathia and that the war is always in your favor!


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