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News #1: Website Launch

A Website!

Today, The website is launched! Which is some great news! We hope that you enjoy the webpage and all of its functions. This will now be the primary way to get new information on the game and stay in the loop! Currently on the webpage you can find the rulebook, two print and play deck, the Tabletop Simulator Mod in Game Resources if you want to try out the game! More over, There is a World Section. Talking about the dangerous, beautiful world of State of Wonder, explaining the factions and the heroes that fight for them.

I hope that this page will lead the State of Wonder community forward, allow the players to find each other as well as allow all of you to enjoy the game. Remember, You have control in the dark, deceitful and wondrous world of Scathia and this website will give you that control.


Yes, I’ve been bad at keeping our community together, but what does this mean for us now? We now have this webpage, but the State of Wonder Discord is now open for business and will allow you to be able to provide feedback directly to me, discuss decks, strategies or just find games over tabletop simulator! I will of course try to hang around as much as possible to help answer rules questions, arrange tournaments if there is a demand and just discuss strategies and new designs on the way! Here is the link to the Discord Server:

Print & Play

As mentioned earlier, there are 2 decks for print and play right under Game Resources and this is so that you can start playing the game! I want each and everyone that wants to play the game to be able to do it and this just requires you to have a printer. The two decks are tested primarily internally, so there might be some balancing issues (I’m a solo developer and getting enough testing in is hard, especially on internal stuff! I hope that this will help me, help you get a more balanced and enjoyable game!)


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