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Devlog #8: Introduction of the Combat Ability!

I’m back, and I’m here to bring you another update how things have been going!

We’ve been playtesting the unnamed large expansion, and while we’re not really ready to talk about the designs coming with that, we have got to play more with the cards coming in ‘The Art of Combat’ before that!

The (In my opinion) most interesting thing about that set is the inclusion of a certain new mechanic – the Combat Ability!

When you are choosing which unit in combat to activate, you can also choose if you’d like to use a combat ability of a card you control instead! This makes it so that your only option to improve your position in combat isn’t just what units you play, but now what structures you choose to play influence how your combat plan plays out!

This can be seen most of all in the green structure, the Raiders’ Hideaway!

With the Raiders’ Hideaway, you can return your damaged units to safety, right in the middle of raging combat!

The Raiders’ Hideaway gives you a huge amount of freedom in combat, at the low price of two gold! However, the fact that it takes up a slot in your deck (or two, if you aren’t playing Frifolk!) that otherwise could have been filled with a unit instead, is definitely a cost to be considered! However, the utility of having the hideaway in play instead lets your units become so much more efficient! Imagine these scenarios: Is your Forge Knight being ganged up on by four Infantry tokens? Now you can just withdraw your Knight right before the last one attacks, and they will have lost three tokens for nothing! Do you think your opponent is building a Blood Trench, but you really need to get in for a little more damage? Now you can send in your unit, deal the damage, and get out before the trench lands!

The other cards featuring Combat Abilities affect the combat in similar ways, giving you more options to shape your angle of attack into something more to your liking!

The Ritualists combat action card – more on that next week!

In other news, real life continues to take its toll on the two of us. Emelie now working full-time shuttles the time we can work together into uncomfortable hours, add on top of that the fact that the product prototype for expansion ‘The Art of Combat’ has been delayed by customs by three whole weeks, causing us to possibly have to postpone its release. On top of that, me coming down with a massive cold, not being able to get much work done on the digital version, it feels like our momentum took a hard hit. Those are all issues that are possible to work through though, and I’m sure that we’ll be able to get more new cards out the door before long!

That wraps up what’s been happening these weeks! Next time, I’ll be analyzing the results from our survey where we asked you, the card game community, and more what you think about organized play, and our plans about creating a system for tournament organizers to reward the ones out there who want to create and play in tournaments that we can’t manage personally!

See you in another two weeks!



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