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Devlog #7: October Design and QueerCon!

Another two weeks have passed! That means its time for another devlog!

Saying that the time has flown by would be an understatement, it was over in a flash! That isn’t to say that we’ve got nothing done though!

Last week we spent designing the layout for our second expansion set, preliminarily scheduled for launch in October, as well as establishing the general design of the cards therein. We ended up pretty satisfied with our results, but more about those later.

This week was slightly less uneventful. My lectures were really tightly packed, all my daytime hours were sunk into those. While I haven’t been able to do much actual work on the project as a whole, I’ve solved a couple structural issues the digital client had with online multiplayer (For some reason the initial design was built for hot-seat gameplay. D’oh!). On the other end, Emelie has been working on the thematic flavor of the set, both in relation to the overarching story as well as what’s going on in the specific cards. On top of that, she’s been showing off State of Wonder at QueerCon!

The QueerCon Booth!

October Card Pack Expansion

Now, let’s get back to the October card pack!

The card pack is putting the focus on the heroes of Scathia, and will contain two unique heroes for every faction! In addition to these, the card pack will also contain one state as well as three of a single culture card for every faction, an 18 cards in total.

We’ve noticed that some games involving token strategies run into deadlocks, to which there aren’t many good tools to break out of, which is something that we’re looking to provide with this expansion. The different factions will naturally be approaching this problem in their own ways, each playing to their own strengths: the combat prowess of the Crux Militem; the subtlety and cunning of the Frifolk; and the occult powers of the Ritualists.

The next week we will be spending playtesting to see if our card designs play out as well as they look on paper, and then either start working on the numbers to make sure everything is balanced or go back to the drawing board if the cards just don’t make sense in play. In addition to that, I will rewrite the core structure of the game, to allow for online multiplayer. This will also open up other tools like card animations, better AI, and tons of other stuff!

That’s it for today’s update! Next time I’ll talk more about the digital version and the challenges that remain before we can enter the initial testing stage, and put the client in your hands!

See you in two weeks!


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