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Devlog #6: The Reawakening

It’s been a while since we did devlogs consistently, but I’m here to change that!

My name is Maximilian, and I’ve been working in the shadows on a Digital version of State of Wonder! Now that we are getting closer to something we actually can show off and talk about, we decided that it was time to step forward and let you all see the progress as we make it.

The devlog posts will revolve around what work I was involved since the last post, which for the most part will be my work on the digital version. However, there might be periods where I work entirely on design as we work on a new card set, or something else entirely.

Right now the game systems are fully implemented, the cards exist and work as they should (most of the time), and a full game could be played. However, it doesn’t look too good, and hot-seat might not be what you all are interested of, so there is plenty of work ahead. The biggest barrier being online play. Once we get that figured out, the game should be getting close to a version where we can enter the first testing stage, and have you give us feedback on how we can improve the experience.

no UI, clutter at maximum, but the gameplay is there.

There is still a while to go before we get to that point though, our preliminary timeline is set to have that ready before the end of summer. However, since I’m the only one working on it, and my experience with networked games is limited, there is always the risk of unexpected delays. Especially since we both are working on this in our spare time, and have to do work elsewhere to pay the bills.

With the kickstarter packages arriving, I hope that you all find the time to sit down and play a few games and that you find the game just as interesting as I do! Myself I will be playing a lot as we’ll be giving the august expansion a final balancing pass over the next week. In addition to that, it looks like we will also be beginning design of the October expansion. If you haven’t yet ordered your copy, you will be able to buy the decks at as soon as we launch the game, the 27th of July!


That’s it for todays update! I will be trying to write these updates every two weeks, to keep you all updated on how we’re doing on the project! And just maybe, I will be able to give you a sneak peek on some of the plans we have for the future of State of Wonder!

See you in two weeks!

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