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Devlog 12: Expansions of 2019

Welcome to 2019! Hope you all had a great start to the new year!

As you might’ve noticed, we did not make a post last Friday, and this post is coming out on a Tuesday. What’s up with that? We’re changing our posting schedule to post on Tuesdays going forward! ”Why?” You might ask. The reason we’re doing this change is that we don’t want our news to get in the way of your weekend celebrations!

We mentioned an expansion previously, and now we have a date for it! The 8th of February we will release two new card packs! ‘Remnants of the End’ focuses on the big bosses of Scathia, containing two new heroes per faction, as well as one state and one culture card to back them up! ‘Agents of War’ however focuses on the tools necessary to solve any problem you might face, containing six unique culture cards across the three factions. As always, there will be three of each unique culture card, so that you get a full set just from buying one pack!

If you played around with the content of the decks, just tweaking them slightly, or even building new ones from scratch, you might’ve noticed some cards standing out (I’m looking at you, Barricaded village) as being incredibly hard to play against properly, as there simply are no tools for the job.

Another issue that we’ve been looking to address is the game length and game style. Games currently have been a bit slower and building-focused than we’d like, as a result of buildings overall just being that much stronger than units. With this set, we’re looking to bring the units in line with the power level of the structures!

While we are going to be doing the card previews on our social media, I’m not going to leave you with nothing! Here’s a card that will definitely be helpful in clearing those hordes of token units: Unseen Champion!

Other than this set, we’ve got plenty more brewing! With 2019 we will be bringing you plenty more new cards and sets! We will be releasing a new set every second month, either three deck bases – fully playable decks, such as the one in the base release, or two card packs such as the ones we’re releasing now. This means that in April you can look forward to three new deck bases!

See you again in two weeks!


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