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Devlog #10: We’re back!

We’re back!

So, long story short, a lot of stuff happened. While sorting that out, these articles got neglected. Now that we’ve got the situation under more control, we’ve got a lot of stuff to talk to you about!

The big thing that caused all of this is the event Game Camps Visby. Emelie signed us up, not really knowing what to expect. The only thing we knew was that there were lectures and mentoring intended to serve startups like us, so why not? Even better that it was in the town we already live and work. We certainly didn’t expect walking away from there with 10.000€ more for the company to help us expand and really get things going.

Since then we’ve been having some serious talks with financial advisors, establishing a clearer outline of what we would like to become, and how to grow the game in that direction. I won’t go into detail about that in this post, but you can look forward to that in the future article series – ‘Plans for the Future’.

On top of making sure we utilize the gift we were granted at Game Camps to its full potential, we have still been working our day-time jobs. On top of that, Emelie got roped in as impromptu project leader for the local convention WisCon, while I’m preparing to move apartments. Needless to say, we’ve been having our hands full.

Now that we’re back, we’re looking to make these posts regular again, and we’ve adjusted our process to make sure this kind of outage doesn’t take place again. We have a lot of stuff to talk to you about, ranging from what we’re looking to do with future conventions, expansions, the conclusions from our organized play study, and more!

That’s the long story short! The next couple of weeks I’ll go in deeper detail, giving you the long story long!



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