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Story of the State – The Roadside Inn, Finale

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

This is the final part of the story, The Roadside Inn. Part one of this story can be found here. We hope you will enjoy reading these story articles as they are released bi-weekly! Check out our first story, One Last Hurrah here!

The Roadside Inn, Finale

They both finished their glasses and stood up. “A night of rest before we decide where to next?” The Oracle continued.

The Repossessor smiled as they picked up their mask. “A night of rest sounds like exactly what we need after yesterday, but we do have a plan, yet an exceptionally bad plan” They laughed as they secured the sword to their back and walked over to the bar keep.

“What does a night at this inn cost?” The Repossessor asked.

“It’s on the house, you’ve payed more than enough to cover it all” the barkeep answered. The two travelers once again looked at one another as the barkeep got them a room key.

“Is there a mirror in the room?” The Mirror Oracle asked. “I would like to see if I can do anything to remove all of this dust before tomorrow!”

The barkeep looked at them and brought them another key. “There you go, only room with a mirror, room three! Be careful with it though, they are expensive” The barkeep added.

The two of them worked their way over to the room and the repossessor quickly slid out of their armour and into bed. While the Mirror Oracle sat down at the mirror and gazed into it, staring into it, reaching for something or someone on the other side.

Night turned to day and when the Repossessor got up, the Mirror Oracle looked as if she had not slept a single minute, sitting at the Mirror still staring into it, like it was a void that had swallowed them.

The Repossessor shrugged, walked out to the bar and picked up two bowls of breakfast, the food was bland in look, smell and colour. “It might be some kind of porridge, maybe rice?” They thought to themselves as they walked back to the room.

They sat down a bowl to the small table where the mirror stood, the got over and sat down in the bed to eat their own bowl. When they had finished the Oracle still stared into the mirror. The Repossessor said to themselves. “What are you even looking for in there?” As they said it, the Oracle snapped back to it. “I know where we can find the Bronze Bard” she exclaimed and grabbed the bowl.

“Where?” The Repossessor asked, slightly confused.

“He has been captured by the daughters of decay, they are transporting him to the plaguelands!” She said excitedly. “We just need to travel north, I saw him in his silver mirror as he was shaving in the morning”

“That doesn’t sound very captured.” The Repossessor said, shaking their head.

“Well, if being escorted by a group of Daughters of Decay doesn’t mean that your have been captured by them, I have no other idea why you would be escorted by them.” She responded and looked at the Repossessor. “let’s go!”

“Eat first and do you remember that I can’t really go to the Plaguelands? I think we need to split up for this.” The Repossessor pointed out, while they were getting ready to ride out. “You should get the Bronze Bard, while I go get the Silver Hunter and the Iron Squire or Champion, whoever is carrying that banner. Then we should meet up somewhere safe.”

“At the ruins of the capital? Shouldn’t be much left there by now, almost 4 days have past since it happened.” The Mirror Oracle thought out loud.

“If those beings need to feed, then that should be the correct place to meet up. That sounds as a plan then. I’ll keep my mirror close so you know where I am.” The Repossessor said.

The two travelers then left the tavern, grabbing their horses and parting ways. One going north, towards the Plaguelands and one going east, towards the Hall of the Hunters and the coastal village of Iron Hooks.

Days passed before anyone else approached this wayside inn, this time no traveler approached, not the sounds of hooves against dirt, but the sound of flames and strong windes approached. The tavern was quickly swallowed up by the strong winds, followed by flames and as the flames passed, only the shapes remained.

A creature stepped towards the ashen ruins. And the dark ashen body of the creature waved out towards the inn. The inn was blown away and the ash that swirled through the air started swirling around the creature, carrying a large ash cloud with it.

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