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Story of the State – One Last Hurrah, Final

This is the final part of the story “One Last Hurrah, Check out these links for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 !

One Last Hurrah, Final part

The figure wielded a large greatsword, which they had resting on their shoulder, a large brown coat covered the figure and under it was a leather vest. A mask with no mouth or nose covered their face, a mask that only spelled their death. A Mask of Ivory and Black Steel.

The figure looked at them with the dark, shadowed eyes of the mask and Alfred knew exactly who they had run into. There was only one person in the world that wore that mask of doom, the one that ended a war by themselves, The Repossessor.

Alfred readied his Warhammer and the partly broken shield. Pia got up next to him as Tyrogue readied his bow as the figure started walking towards them slowly. Alfred realized how close they were, Behind the Repossessor must be the queen’s chamber, as the queen’s assassin and master of war, the Repossessor, must be her last line of defense.

And as the two sides silently looked on each other, the slow steps on the floor tread towards them. Tyrogue let loose his first arrow and as he did, they saw the greatsword instantaneously move from the shoulder of the Repossessor, swinging in a circular motion, deflecting the arrow towards the ground. Not even pausing their slow walk, the Repossessor put the sword up on their other shoulder.

Tyrogue let loose another arrow as the Repossessor turned to the side, arrow grazing the long brown coat as it harmlessly moved along it and as they looked on, the repossessor quickly drew two large throwing needles from the inside of their coat and threw them towards the band.

One struck the man next to Eyor in the eye before he had a chance to react. The other one cut through Tyrogues bow, breaking it in half as Tyrogue just barely ducked out of the way. The repossessor then swung their sword in the air towards the group and as they did, another throwing needle was let loose, pulled without notice during the swing, this one hitting Tyrogue in the leg. Pinning him to the floor.

Alfred charged out together with the other brave militia next to him. Pia got in front of Eyor as they charged forward. Tyrogue started to unpin his leg and the Repossessor swung their great blade again, hitting the militia in the neck, severing their head and then continuing towards Alfred. Alfred rolled towards the repossessor, dodging the reposessorsswing. The Repossessor jumped up, stepping on Alfreds back and pushed Alfred to ground, interrupting his roll.

Tyrogue unpinned himself and drew his hunting dagger. He and Pia got ready as the Repossessor approached them. Alfred lie coughing on the ground, trying to get up.

As another swing of the great sword was swung, Tyrogue blocked it with his hunting knife. Just in time as Pia and Eyor circled around the Repossessor. Pia swung out with her sword, but the Repossessor swiftly dodged to the side as they locked the sword guard with the hunting daggers guard and quickly disarmed Tyrogue.

Tyrogue pulled out an arrow and used his good leg to thrust himself towards the Repossessor. The Repossessor was pushed backward but didn’t fall as they pulled out a large throwing needle from their coat and into Tyrogues back. Alfred had just gotten up and saw that they were all on the side of the room the repossessor had been blocking.

He shouted out to Pia and Eyor “Go! I’ll handle this”

Pia and Eyor understood and started running. As they did another throwing needle was thrown by the Repossessor, this time it didn’t strike true, as it hit Alfred’s shield. The repossessor charged towards Alfred and Alfred readied himself.

The Greatsword struck down and was deflected by Alfreds Warhammer as Alfred swung out with his shield toward the Repossessors abdomen. The repossessor jumped back and Alfred got ready for another attack.

The attack came swiftly, an upward swing, which Alfred parried with his shield as he swung his Warhammer toward the Repossessor, hoping to hit anything. As the swing flew through the air, Alfred realized, he could never win, but maybe, he could incapacitate the repossessor and let the other get to the target.

Alfred made a shield bash as he went on the offensive after this realization, bashing with his shield towards the Repossessor, the Repossessor quickly stepped back and pulled out another throwing needle, Alfred stepped up and swung his Warhammer, this time at the repossessors legs. As the Warhammer struck into the left leg of the repossessor. A large needle got thrown into Alfred’s shoulder and pinned him to the ground.

Alfred looked up as the Repossessor walked up to him and he smirked. “You will never catch up to them now”

An emotionless voice answered him “I won’t have to, the queen is still safe with me here”. Desperation was the last emotion that passed through Alfred as a greatsword severed his torso.

Pia and Eyor dashed into the room ahead. As the doors swung openn they were met with two ladies, one, the Black Queen, and the other, A lady in a large, green dress with a vest and a small hat with a shroud. The Black Queen was sitting in an ornamented large chair and the lady in green was standing by another large mirror.

Eyor opened up his book as the queen stood up, in her large, dress of dark blue silken and her breastplate of silvered steel and the darkened crown on her head. Eyor started chanting.

Pia charged at the woman in green, she wanted to take out the lady first, while Eyor handled the queen. As she charged, the woman physically stepped into the mirror and out of the mirror, a fully armored knight stepped, with a drawn broadsword, swinging towards Pia. In surprise, Pia tried to parry with her Sickle, but with her previously dislocated arm, she didn’t have the strength to keep the sword away. This first dislocated her arm again, followed by the sword severing her left arm.

As Pia screamed, the knight swung again, cleaving into Pia’s torso. As Pia fell to the ground, the Knight rushed towards Eyor.

Eyor smiled, the book open and large shadows grasped towards the queen. He was the only one that knew the true goal. The book had told him that he needed to stop the queen from awakening the dark night, but now he understood. To defeat the dark night, he had to unleash something else, something that could defeat it.

The large shadows struck out towards the queen and the knight looked on in terror as the queen’s form was turned, her beautiful ebony skin was transformed into sickly white and the dark silken dress was torn apart as her hair turned silver white. Her eyes grew hollow, turning into dark voids staring back out at both Eyor and the knight.

The queen’s jaw dislodged and a shriek that filled the heart of everyone in the entire capital with dread was let loose. Everyone but Eyor.

Eyor looked to the former queen and spoke. “Will you save us from the coming terrors? From the creatures of the night?”

As the creature looked over to Eyor it spoke, with a faint voice, as if the sound had been swallowed by the raging sound of a snowstorm. “I will save all of you from the dark night, as long as you give me the power to do so”

Eyor bowed and the queen put her white hand, with shattered skin on Eyors head, as she did, Eyors eyes rolled back into his head and he fell, lifeless onto the ground. The knight was no longer nowhere to be seen as a rumbling sound was heard.

The creature, only known to those who knew the old language, as the Voice of Winter looked out the windows of the large room. As the earth started shattering under the castle, a large roar was heard as a titanic presence of ash and of marble rose from the shattered ground. The Voice of Winter smiled as the two female figures below tore the capital apart, every house, every castle, and temple was thrown asunder. As the destruction below was happening, the Voice of Winter started whispering words of commands, moving like a storm through the nearby villages and cities.

In a matter of minutes, what had been the strongest bastion in the history the empire had been annihilated, those who had not been burned to ash had been coerced to follow the Titans as they marched outwards.

In this wake of destruction, a small number of figures was able to leave without harm, The Repossessor and the Knight had escaped through the same tunnel that the band of eight had made their way in through. As well as the Queen’s messengers, riding for the six closest bastions, the closest being the Iron Fortress. Eight had entered, as eight had left.

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