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Stories of the State – One Last Hurrah, Part 3

This is the third part of the story “One Last Hurrah, Check out these links for Part 1 and Part 2!

One Last Hurrah, Part 3

As the last strokes of sunlight looked in through the windows in the room they approached the free-standing mirror and saw that there was another double door at the end of this room. Pia looked at the mirror and felt as if something was watching her and as she got closer, for just a brief moment, she saw the silhouette of something move away from the mirror on the other side. After that she just looked at herself, staring blankly at what she thought she had seen. She looked up as the double doors on the other side was knocked upon and in entered two queens’ guards, one with a horn that he was just about to sound and the other at the ready with a large Pole Axe, standing in front of the guard with the horn.

Tyrogue quickly drew an arrow and let it loose towards the throat of the guard with the horn. The other guard intercepted the arrow with his body as the horn let loose a loud burst of sound. The Arrow had struck the guard in the shoulder and the heavy steel plate had deflected the arrow without issues. Bjorn readied his pole-axe like a scythe as the other guard dropped the horn and started drawing his Warhammer. Alfred charged towards the pole-axe wielding guard as Tyrogue let loose another arrow, this time striking the weaker part of the armor, penetrating the chain-mail and the gambeson at the bend of the arm on the guard wielding the pole-axe.

Alfred quickly approached the guard with an arrow in his arm as Bjorn and Pia ran just behind him. He readied a downward blow, towards the injured guards’ cheek as he was tackled and thrown to the ground by the other guard.

The first guard dropped his polearm and drew the curved saber in his belt as the other guard was ready with his large steel shield and Warhammer. Bjorn swung his scythe as the guard parried with his shield and went in with a thrust towards Bjorn. Pia swung her sword towards the guard’s arm, but the momentum was too high as the guard crashed into Bjorn, piercing his torso as the blade easily forced itself through the gambeson and the two tumbled to the floor. As Bjorn hit the floor with the armored guard on top, blood spewed from his mouth. Tyrogue shot another arrow towards the guard, which hit the side of the guard’s helm, deflecting to the side, harmlessly.

The guard with the saber charged at Pia, who with large eyes was looking at Bjorn, one of the other peasants got in the way and tried to parry a blow from the saber with his wood-axe, The saber lodged into the wood and the guard quickly disarmed the peasant and swung his injured arm at the peasant. Just the force from the blow throwing the peasant screaming to the ground.

Pia recovered at that moment. Alfred had just gotten up from the ground, and Tyrogue was still firing arrows as Eyor stepped forward, with his lantern glowing in dark blue colors and the old, dusky tome swung open. He spoke in tongues they had never heard and the guard that was just getting up after downing Bjorn looked up to him.

The guard swiftly turned around and intercepted the other guard with a body tackle, they both fell, flailing to the ground.

Eyor looked to the other “Go now! Let them squabble among each other” As he spoke, the blue light from the lantern went back to the regular, orange and red flames. Alfred got up and looked at Bjorn, that was bleeding to his death. And the peasant that has been tackled had most likely broken most of his ribcage.

They abandoned them as they kept moving, each and every one of them knew what they had gotten themselves into when they started this. The 6 of them walked through the corridors, Pia, Alfred, and Tyrogue looked at Eyor and Tyrogue spoke.

“In all my years, I’ve never seen flames in that tint of blue or two guards turn on each other in the middle of combat, what was that?”

“This book is more powerful than anything we’ve encountered before, It can do unexplainable things if one can speak the tongue of the old. I’ve read through it several times and learned some of the mysteries in it” Eyor answered. “I thought that this would help us here, but I had hoped to not have to use it, as it takes its’ toll on me.”

Tyrogue nodded, the book was said to be able to banish the queen, that had ruled the empire for countless centuries. That it was also capable of controlling a regular human was not that surprising when you thought about it.

As the party ran ahead into the corridors ahead, they watched for other guards and there was none to be found. Where was the rest of the guards? They should be swarmed right about now. As they got up the next stairwell they were met with only a single figure standing by the end of a corridor, with a large, ornamental double door behind them.

End of Part 3

With the end of Part 3 I’m happy to announce we will be kicking off a really big reveal party this thursday, we will be revealing a handful of cards over the day. But today I’ve got this really powerful card from Agents of War (That will be launching in early february, exactly on the 8th of february) Without Further Ado! Check out the Chanter of Servitude with Beautiful art from Brandon Crampton!

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