State of Wonder - Cult of Voices Deck base

State of Wonder - Cult of Voices Deck base

State of Wonder is the 4X pocket strategy card game where you take fate into your own hands. Devise your strategy, build mighty cities, recruit powerful armies as you struggle for power in this game of War and Wonders!


In State of Wonder you win the game by either destroying your opponent's state card or claiming a total of 4 progression counters on your Wonder. To do this, you will strategically employ a mix of Unit cards to wage war on opposing factions. Fortification cards can be used to protect yourself and your city, while Building cards are used to enhance your economy. But watch your back, as your opponents will use intrigue and sabotage in an attempt to bring you down. 


With this deck, of the Cult of Voices, a vicious sect, working to overthrow and corrupt everyone else to follow the bidding of the dark night. turn peasants against the lord and kings and barricade their villages. Sacrifice them for your schemes and take the throne in the lands of Scathia. This Ready to Play deck base includes the following: 
+ A State Card
+ A Hero Card
+ 5 sets of 3 Culture Cards (including Units, Buildings and Fortifications)

*You need to have an opponent with a deck of their own to be able to play